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Who we are

Established in 1984, Catsoft is a leading developer of accounting and taxation software in Australia. While business and regulatory requirements have changed, Catsoft's commitment to its clients has not. We remain committed to producing quality software solutions that are both current and relevant staying true to what Catsoft stands for: contemporary accounting and taxation software.

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What we provide

  • Competitive pricing on all our software

  • Plain and simple software interface

  • User friendly design and implementation

  • Long term solutions for accountants

  • Ongoing technical support for registered users

  • Quick and effective support turnaround

    *All Catsoft software are Windows based applications.



23rd Jun 2016 Taxcat 2016 fully SBR-enbled released to all registered clients.

31th Mar 2016

Taxcat 2016 FBT SBR2-enbled emailed to all registered clients.

19th Jun 2015

Taxcat 2015 full version CD mailed to all registered clients.

30th Mar 2015

Taxcat 2015 FBT emailed to all registered clients.

25th Jun 2014

Taxcat 2014 full version CD mailed to all registered clients.

28th Mar 2014

Taxcat 2014 FBT only, SBR-enabled emailed to all registered clients.


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