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Catsoft's Taxcat software is designed in accordance with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) electronic specifications for the Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS). PLS utilises Standard Business Reporting (SBR), an Australian Government initiative to reduce the reporting burden on business. 

Catsoft was an early adopter of the ATO's previous primary lodgment channel, Electronic Lodgment Service (ELS), being involved with the ELS pilot back in 1989 and releasing ELS registered Taxcat software since 1991. 

Then as now, Catsoft remains committed in providing software that is relevant and compliant to facilitate lodgment through the ATO's prevailing electronic lodgment channel. Taxcat continues in that tradition by being SBR-enabled.

Getting involved in SBR development in 2015 and being an early adopter of SBR in 2016, Catsoft has enabled Taxcat users to reap the benefits of SBR's integration with the ATO's backend, ensuring immediate responses are received directly from the ATO's backend system, saving time while providing confidence and certainty with lodgments.

Utilising SBR, Taxcat users are able to prefill tax forms with information the ATO already holds for a given taxpayer, subscribe to EFT reconciliation reports, establish client agent relationships, etc. As the ATO progressively expands prefilling to other tax forms, and adds services that add value to the practitioner experience, Catsoft will implement these services in Taxcat accordingly.

Taxcat has the following value-adding standard features, provided at no extra cost:

  • Tax Agent Portal: Pre-filling Report import into individual returns

  • ELS BAS/IAS pre-population from ELS Outgoing BAS/IAS reports

  • SBR Prefill for activity statements and individual returns 

  • SBR Single or Batch Lodgment to suit lodgment needs

  • EFT Reconcilition Report subscription and download

  • Client update to establish tax agent relationship, etc. 

Where Ledgercat and CatHub are purchased separately and set up along with Taxcat:

  • Ledgercat import to bring across balances in preparing returns

  • CatHub synchronisation of front cover data in preparing returns 

Upgrading to Taxcat ADVANCED will provide you with a lot more time-saving features:

  • EFT Refund Tracking using refund data imported from EFT Reconciliation Reports

  • Debtor Maintenance advanced debtor reports & options including transfer

  • Asset Maintenance direct access to asset categories associated with a return

  • Shared Bank Maintenance interest maintained & split amongst related returns

  • CatHub Trustcat Module links to our trust accounting software to meet trust accounting requirements and generate DE transfer files for online banking.

Tax reporting obligations and services available:

  Individual Income Tax Return Partnership Tax Return
  Trust Tax Return Company Income Tax Return
  Trust Tax Return for Attribution Managed Investments Self-managed Superannuation Fund Annual Return
  Family Trust Election Fund Income Tax Return
  Interposed Entity Election Member Contributions (BDE)

Closely Held Trust Withholding

Fringe Benefits Tax Return
  Consolidated Group Notification Client Correspondence Preference
  Client Update Activity Statements
  Direct Debit Authorisation Tax Agent Report Request
  ELStagFormat Private Ruling
  Tax File Number Declaration PAYG Payment Summaries
  Taxable Payments Annual Report

Tax Practitoner Client Management Reports available:

  Lodgment Performance Report Income Tax Client Report
  Activity Statement Lodgment Report Activity Statement Client Report
  EFT Reconciliation Report 

ELS Reports available (other than Transmission and Validation):

  Client List and Due Lodgment (OC) Activity Statement Client List (OG)
  EFT Acknowledgement/Error (OA) EFT Reconciliation Statement (OR)
  Lodgment Statistics Report (OS) Outgoing BAS (OB) & Outgoing IAS (OI)
  Activity Statement Lodgment Report (OL) Activity Statement Summary Report (OM)

n Easy to navigate interface
n Comprehensive tax estimates
n Track invoices and EFT refunds (Taxcat ADVANCED only)
n Lodge prior years tax returns as far back as 1997-98
n Error checking before lodging tax returns
n Client letters and stick labels preparation and printing
n Rollover client information from the previous year to the current year
n And lots more.....

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